Promoting Independent Living

Grace Village has a dedicated state-of-the-art therapy services room to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Professional rehabilitation therapists work with our residents to determine individual specific treatment plans keeping residents as healthy as possible.

Physical therapy
Physical therapy focuses on large muscle movement. Residents with poor balance or decreased strength in their arms or legs could benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists work to increase or maintain muscle tone and endurance, giving our residents a better chance at performing tasks independently and decreasing their risk of falling.

Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor movements, as well as hygiene tasks. Residents with mobility deficits because of arthritis or a stroke are likely to work with an occupational therapist as they learn new ways to complete daily tasks. Occupational therapists are especially good at finding adaptive equipment to return independence to residents, which can positively affect self-esteem as well as body awareness.

Speech therapy
Speech therapy focuses not only on speech, but also any language or mouth-related concern. Residents with issues swallowing or chewing food have great success when they work with a speech therapist, as do residents who have short-term memory loss. Speech therapists work with residents on judgment concerns, language deficits, and other cognitive issues that arise at the onset of dementia or after a stroke.