Weighing the Benefits of Making the Move

If you and your senior are considering making the move to an assisted living facility,
we know it’s a tough decision, one where you have to weigh every pro and con. While each senior has unique needs—and no chart could take into account every single one of them—we’ve pulled together some information below that might be helpful when re- viewing your options.

At Home Assisted Living Facility
Emergency AssistanceConcern over how quickly help will arrive in the event of an accidentEach living space has an in-room emergency alert system; facility has a 24-hour staff
IndependenceMay need assistance with everyday tasks; feeling of being a burdenAttentive care from qualified staff leads to a greater sense of autonomy
Social LifePotential sense of loneliness; isolated from friendsEvents and activities can provide opportunities to develop new relationships
DiningTough to follow specific dietary needs; potentially eating meals aloneDietician-planned menus excellent cook prepared meals; dine with fellow neighbors daily
ExercisePotentially limited or no access to exercise equipment or programsEmphasize fitness and overall wellness with a variety of exercise programs
TransportationOften overly reliant on others to get to and from appointments, outings, etc.Scheduled transportation service for any off-site activities
HousekeepingOften becomes difficult to handle everyday tasks and maintain propertyHousekeeping, maintenance, and linen service are provided by facility staff